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Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
obama will spend election night to see whetherrhe's re-elected as presidenttof the united boston where mitt romney has his headquarrers. but if you can't be in either city, don't worry, there's an pp for that. into now, which is a great second screen application that will allow you to interact with others while you're watching election congress plus will help you learn about literally every of representatives - voting record, financiers, other connact information - which also extends to their facebook, twitter and youtube presence and then another is a fun fact-checker-slash-game called settte t by politifact whiih really diagnoses which candidates and surroggtes are telling theetruthh sort of the truth or have their pants on fiie. //every four years not onny do we gettto choose who's the leader of the free world, but an election is also a great showcase for teehnological innvoation. in 2008 it was the dawn of social in apps and even mooe social media tools. what will influence the 22-16 presidential race? we'll just &pchicago, i'm karrn caifa. ------nd-----cnn.script----- and f course
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
for election nighh. virginia aad new haapshire -- boston. their runniig mates vice president joe bbddn has stoos pllnned in sserling ann richmond, virginia.paul ryan will visit nevada, colorado, iowa and ohio.during a stop in hollywood, florida sunday obama urgee the crowd to stick with him for four ore years. you've ggt a choice toomake. it's not just a choice betwwen it's a choice between two visionn oo ameeica. on the one hand you can choose to return to the top down policies that crashed our economy, or you can join me in building future that ffcusse on a strong and growiig middle class. (applause).at a rally ii clevelann sunnay, romnee said it'sstime for a change. put asiie all he speeches and all theeads and all the attacks, and look at the recordd because, you see, talk is cceap. but aarecord, it's real, and it's earned with realleffort. change is not mmasured ii words and speechess change is measured in achievements. so, let's llok at that record.a -n-n / o-r-c- internaatonal poll shows tte race t a dad heat. say they suppoot the preeident bbck the former overnor of masss
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
person in the water on boston aa leakin streettthe viitim was pulled froo the water and pronounced word on an identity. oil giant b-p s expected to admit criminal misconduct innconnection with the 2010 deepwater horizon spiil in he's reported... b-p and the plea deal and details could be announced todayythe company will reportedly acknowledge some type of criminnl behavior pnd is expected to pay a record fine - in exchange for a waiver of future prosecution on the charggs.b-p will only confirm that it's in "advanced discussionn" - and no agreement has been reached. an orlano magic cheerleader... falll and hits her head during you see she's misses er footing...on her teemmates shoulders...and just falls pard to the ground.but 31-year-old jamie woode...keeps her team spirit... and assures the crowd he's alright, as she's wheeled away on the stretcher. her family says... sse suffered three vertebrae practures... and a broken rib... but luckily there were ánoá signs of neurologiial damage.she's expected toommke a full recovery. 3 enjoy milk and cookies... foo freeeat
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3